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Unnatural Causes - Dr Richard Shepherd

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Unnatural Causes is a gruesome depiction of life working with the dead as a leading Forensic Pathologist. This book covers Dr Richard Shepherd’s long and complicated story about spending a whole lifetime face to face with death himself. Having worked on 23,000 cases, Dr Richard Shepherd doesn’t hold back the gore when it comes to explaining the fine intricacies that occur when our bodies finally give in.

Dick Shepherd, as he is commonly known tells a story of great sadness and inspiration. The author we begin to feel sympathetic towards tells the short story of a traumatic event that occurred during his childhood. At his deepest moment, he found his professional inspiration through a medical book that was considered too graphic for his age. The authors father quotes Alexander the Pope during his childhood that will remain pivotal to his career and one that will stick with the reader throughout.

Difficult to read by his frequent encounters with shocking murders and unexplained baby deaths, the reader will be left with a deeper understanding and empathy for a career that the average reader would never consider. A self-proclaimed knife expert in the field of murders and “perfect” kills leaves the mind terrified. Doc’s depiction of gruesome life events as a medical professional is one that should not be missed, it is a page turner that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It is addictive.

Through his battles with unsavoury barristers and frequent cups of teas, Dr Richard Shepherd brilliantly highlights the complexity and necessity of being a Pathologist in the modern era. With ongoing cuts to the department and the Government deeming deaths as an expensive necessity, the author brings political awareness to an ongoing crisis that requires more funding than ever before.

Brilliantly written and easy to understand, Dr Richard Shepherd truly is an expert when it comes to explaining deaths to loved ones and this book does not hold back any tears. Scaring and inspiring, the lifetime of this mystery man needs to be read by everyone that wonders what happens behind the curtains. Who knows, it may provide you with a sense of peace as we draw closer to the inevitable grim reaper that awaits us.

Thank you.

Read – 10/10

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