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A Fine Balance - Rohin Mistry

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

A Fine Balance, is a story told in India during peak political chaos that throws four people from different walks of life on a meaningful journey together. The emotional hardships of their personal experience combined with flares of discrimination creates a sad but thought-provoking story. Lost between deceit and destruction, our characters face challenges never seen before.

Told through the eyes of two tailors, a student and a woman who refuses to be a housewife; each character brings their own outlook and experiences to a situation that would not be otherwise. Set in the year 1975, Rohin Mistry creates a story that brings a modern-day perspective to a country on the verge of economic explosion and the rags to riches cliché is foretold throughout each character’s personality.

Unexpected and political twists leave the reader feeling sympathetic but also hopeful of our characters as they face off against a wave of life-changing events. These events are showcased throughout the brilliant depiction of a sorrowful but truly beautiful picture on the harsh realities of a political uprising. The book is both warm and kind throughout, but the author does well to show the cold history.

The reader should expect a journey filled with rare character development that brings out the best in humanity and most certainly, will be left shook with tears. The reader will enjoy a lasting residue of our friends and will provide guidance for the everlasting chaotic world. If there is a fiction book that is waiting to be read, it must be this one.

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