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I currently work as an Accountant based in Manchester, England. From the start of lockdown, I suddenly developed a passion for writing and creativity, which was completly new to me. I began journalling from August 2020 and still do, til this day. Come the end of 2020, I was thinking about my goals and how I want the next year to progress. Putting two and two together, I decided that I would start a blog and here we are, one year later.


The main reason for starting this blog is to provide content that will help myself and others achieve their goals and live a better, more fulfilling life. My passion for reading and writing encouraged myself to start this blog and share with others. 

I enjoy playing piano and going for the occasional run that gives me mental clarity. This blog in a way, keeps me sane from my daily activities working as an Accountant. It doesn't pay the bills, but it definitely keeps me sane.

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