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by Joe Hayes

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Who we are

We are a blog publishing site that specialises in productivity. We post regular updates about the art of self-improvement and how to overcome your deepest fears. 

We review both Fiction and Non-fiction literature for a wide range of genre's that we believe, will bring a greater understanding of the world around us. 

Who we are


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Book Review: Why We Sleep

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Book Review: Unnatural Causes

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Joe AKA Knoffee is an Accountant based in Manchester. His current focus is writing an adventure filled novel about the hardships of life and the adversity of overcoming your fears through problem solving.

In the next few weeks, there will be regular blogs posted every Sunday at 6pm and behind the scenes, he is currently working on plans to deliver his own unique product by the end of the year.


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Download a free first chapter of my novel below.

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